Location Photo of Peter Remnemark

Welcome to Peter Remnemark Photography

Peter Remnemark is a committed and on location Photographer that use natural light. Peter has learned photography by him self, by taking photographs of dogs, people and landscape, got critics of the photos from several breeders, friends, Flickr, from the Flickr Group Fotosöndag and by studying books. He also had let many photographers give him feedback on his photographs — to become a better photographer.

He has developed an eye for how a photo shall be taken using the natural light.

Lately, he has also conducted two 7.5 ECTS point’s courses at University level within Photography, Visual Communication and Digital Imaging.

His Portfolio will show a sample of the photographs from various types of categories such as Portraits, Landscape, Dogs, and of course Dog Shows.

If you believe that Peter would be a perfect photographer for you or an event – please send him a note in the contact form and state what you want in subject area.